D&J Cufflinks for Men's Collection
Solid metal cufflinks
All kinds of plating for soild metal cufflinks
Silk print cufflinks
All pictures can be printed on the cufflinks
Novelty cufflinks
Knot cufflinks
All kinds of knot and silk knot cufflinks
Carbon fiber cufflinks
Wood cufflinks
all kinds of wood inlaid cufflinks
Enamel cufflinks
All colors from Pantone are available
Gemstone cufflinks
The cufflinks are inlaided all kinds of Gemstone like Lapis,Onyx,Tiger Eye,Snowflake, Sodalite, Moss Agate,Green Aventurine,Howlite,Mica Quartz,Amethyst,Blue Sand stone, Unakite, Mahagony and so on...
Mother of Pearl Cufflinks
The cufflinks which are inlaided with all kinds of Mother of Pearl
Crystal cufflinks
Cufflinks with Swarovski Crystal,MAXIMA by Preciosa
Stud set
Cufflinks and Stud Set: 1 pair cufflinks + 4 pcs studs or: 1 pair cufflinks + 6 pcs studs
Tie clip
All kinds of the tie clips,including enamel, gemstone inlaid, sem-prrcious stone inlaid,wood inlaid,novelty and so on.
Laple Pin & Tie Pin
We made all kinds of Laple Pin, Tie Pin.
Bracelets are made by Leather,Gemstone,Semi-precious,Mother of Pearl and Steel Stainless.